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...travel is more than the seeing of sights; it is a change that goes on, deep and permanent, in the ideas of living. ~ St. Augustine

Traveling to places near and far is both exciting and enlightening. Travel may be close by, within a region, or globally. Visiting a bordering city or island in where you live could give you a fresh new perspective in life. Though, we don’t really need to go so far out to enjoy ourselves and find beauty, because it is all around us… if you open your eyes, stop and smell the roses... you will get that sense of freedom. However if you are a world traveler, it opens up for a much wider point of view. How I wish someday, I will get to do that. Visiting another country and seeing how other people live and discovering their culture provides us with new understanding that we are all different and unique in our own ways, though we are all human… living and breathing on the same amazing planet, Earth…

Enjoy, travel and live life to the fullest!

Around the World

Around the World

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Brownsville, Texas & Corpus Christi

This charming small city borders southmost of Texas, which is only few minutes away from Mexico. Visiting Brownsville was certainly a good experience, especially for my husband. It was his grandfather and father's hometown (decades ago). It was also the first time ever that my hubby has seen brownsville. I've always wondered why an English doctor settled down with his family at this place. My husband didn't really know the reason neither. It's one of those family history that we may never know why.  

We didn't realize that the place has so much history! The Battle of Palo Alto (The First Battle of the Mexican War), The Battle of Resaca de la Palma (May 1846) and The Battle of 
Palmito Hill (the Last Battle of the Civil War).

It certainly is an interesting place to visit and learn about its history as many Americans nowadays have gotten away or have lost interest about their heritage. I want my daughter to grow-up and have a better understanding of her roots, in my husband's side. I have already introduced her to my heritage, the Asian culture.

 outside the Brownsville Museum of Fine Arts
It was Sunday, so we were not able to go in...
 University of Texas, Brownsville
My hubby's father went to school here
before transferring to Baylor University to pursue his medical degree. 
 Driving around Downtown Brownsville...
checking historical buildings & museums 

 check-point to Mexico

We asked the locals, where to eat authentic Mexican Food 
and they told us to come here, Antonio's.
They were right, the food is really good! 
However, Alayna ordered burger and fries :D
Bill ordered his typical dishes,
tacos and enchiladas.
I ordered fajitas. 

at the Hampton Suites... very nice hotel, centrally located, have a pool, clean room,
and the best part is the breakfast!
lots of variety, fresh coffee, fresh waffles, fresh fruits, omelets, bacon (etc)  
 Second day, we went for another drive around...
 Bill's grandfather was also a medical doctor and a very good business 
that he owned some buildings all over Brownsville.
 On our last day, we passed by this Historic site.
As I have mentioned earlier, Brownsville was part of three important historic wars in American History.

 It was raining, so we were the only ones around.
We got a private tour and movie showing :) 

 I sure don't recognize the Texas map (pink).
It grew after the Texans defeated the Mexicans two bloody wars!
The Mexican government was also paid millions of dollars after the war to rebuild.

Zachary Taylor & Mariano Arista... commanded the opening battles of the war and would move on to serve as presidents.

Corpus Christi, Texas

After exploring Brownsville, we drove down to Corpus Christi (about 2.5-hr drive). A beautiful place. It was surprising though that in the website, South Padre Island looks crowded along the beach, but when we got there. We couldn't find any tall buildings at all! The beaches are undeveloped. We couldn't believe that people were even parking their cars right on the sand! Bill was worried that we would get stuck since our car is not a 4-wd, but that didn't happen. Thank goodness! We totally enjoyed our Labor Day weekend. 

A scenic drive...
 we drove by cattle ranches, silos, large ranches, sunflowers farms,
wind mills, (etc...)

Staying all day in the beach wasn't enough,
we stayed 'til the sun went down...
Our car parked in the sand! 
This would not be allowed somewhere else...
There were a lot of campers on the beach as well...
If your family likes to come here all the time, it's advisable to get a parking permit for year-round use.

 We stayed at Hyatt Garden Hotel,
beautiful new place, love it!
 Mom & dad watching tv
while Alayna is entertained by the camera :)

She even brought all her favorite friends :)

We had such a great family time! 

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  1. Looks like you went to NORTH Padre Island near Corpus. South Padre Island is more developed. It's the place to be. Tons of fun stuff to do there!!